Fluorinated polymers insulated cables

Our cables insulated with fluorinated polymers are technologically advanced thanks to Cet Eletric's experience and know-how of cable extrusion. The use of these polymers as insulation materials grants high performances in the following applications: household electrical appliances, lighting industry, telecommunications, aeronautics, nuclear, military.

Main advantages
Completely resistant to radiation, humidity, weathering (sun, rain, etc.) and temperature variations. Excellent flexibility at very low temperatures. Totally non-flammable: not burning even in the most extreme environmentally hazardous condition.


Resistance to high temperature:

Resistance to low temperature:
PTFE up to +260 °C
PFA up to +250 °C
MFA up to +240 °C
FEP up to + 205 °C
ETFE up to +155 °C
ETFE up to - 60 °C
FEP, MFA, PFA, PTFE up to - 100 °C

The excellent dieletric properties allow minimun insulation thickness thus reducing the size needed for the insulation of the cable.
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