ENCO SRL has as its aim the adaptation of the company's culture and procedures to a competitive model that is more consistent with today's situation and the current market changes. It involves intervention in the following areas:

»»» Enterprise (creativity, risk, innovation, strategy)
»» Administration (efficiency, planning, control)
»» Production (technical know-how and effectiveness)
»» Management (leadership, negotiation and integration)

Above issues force us to use an investment approach in human resources and team working able to connect the spirit of internal positive competitiveness among experts to planning, analysis and testing methodologies, particularly of measurement instruments in order to ensure the best company efficiency. From this viewpoint Cet Eletric offers its customers a valid test laboratory, run by qualified technical staff equipped with instrumentation whose measurement reliability is cyclically checked with the assistance of the most authoritative Metrological Centres. This is in order to guarantee the safety of its products as well as the compliance with the standards in force and any other customer's technical requirements.
Our technical tests generally include:

  • Measurement of the electrical resistance of the conductor at 20°C (Ohm/Km)
  • Tests of electrical strength at high voltage
  • Tests of flame propagation for horizontal and vertical cables
  • The use of thermostatic heaters for heat bursts
  • Aging test on the insulation
  • Measurement of the section of the insulator and sheaths including average diameter
  • Measurement of minimum average thickness and absolute minimum thickness
  • Tests of resistance to tensile stress for insulators and sheaths under normal conditions and after aging in order to calculate the breaking point and proportional extensibility.
  • Control of the stranding and construction. Control of the specific weight of the raw material of the insulator (silicone and fluorocarbon resins).
  • For fire resistant cables that are certified according to the French CR1-C1 Standards, tests in compliance with the BSI Standards are carried out with special instruments simulating all possible environmental conditions a cable may be subjected to.

The flexibility of our test laboratory allows CET ELETRIC to be an interesting opportunity for all the customers requiring both comparative and custom-designed technical tests.



Company with Quality System in accordance to ISO 9001:2008 certified by IMQ/CSQ

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