Silicone insulated cables: advantages

Silicone insulated cables grant the highest performances both in standard applications as well as in special operating environments associated with extreme climate conditions.

Silicone compounds offer several features such as high efficiency in alternate and direct current supply, absolute resistance to high and low temperature, ozone, crown effect, and hygroscopicity. All these features allow a far higher exercise length than any other kind of elastomers used for electric insulation.

Moreover silicone is the only flexible insulating compound which, besides granting excellent heat resistance, can withstand radiations (Gamma and UV rays). In fact laboratory experiments have proved no signs of deterioration of the dielectric features after a continuous exposure to radiations.

Appropriate mixtures of the insulating compounds meet specific requirements such as minimum flame propagation, flexibility at low temperature, increase in tensile strength and abrasion resistance, etc. Cet Eletric manufactures silicone cables for different applications like lighting equipment, electric motors requiring class B-F-H standards, ovens requiring uninterrupted power supply, railway traction etc.

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