Cables usage

Household appliances and technical equipment Lighting Equipment Ignition devices
Cables suitable for low tension applications as wiring of small domestic appliances undergoing heavy eating (hobs, ovens, electrical stoves...) and for the connection of electrical industrial machines (class F and H electrical motors, pumps, etc...). Cables suitable for low tension applications as lamps and lighting equipments in general, where are high temperatures are commonly reached. Cables suitable for high tension discharges in ignition devices (burners, boilers, test devices, sparking-plugs, neons, etc)
Industry Safety High temperature (THT)
Cables suitable for powering electrical equipment in metallurgical and glass industries. They are also suitable for any other use implyng heavy installation and difficult working environments. Cables suitable for low tension applications even under fire both in public and private environments (emergency lamps, signal lamps for safety exits, audio and video signalling devices etc...) Our cables are normally suitable for an operating temperature of 180°C but we manufacture also cables offering excellent performances for temperature over 180°C, ranging 220C° and 270C° with picks of 300°C.

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